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HUAYIDE owns automated warehouse management software and scheduling software with independent nellctual property rights, which can integrate standardized design with customized development using the workflow model to constuct the application system model, follow the modern logistics concept, put forward a comprehensive and complete system solution, and integrate the automation storage and automation production.


Our WMS system can manage the whole process of cargo input, output and handling, support batch management and material tracking, including the processing of normal business process, abnormal process processing, emergency task processing, material access path tracking, alarm and other graphical interfaces, and the information of inventory, cargo and storage area can be itinisti. Graphical management, inventory and realtime display of the stution in the ibrary; support customer custom stistical queries, statistical daiy, monthly, annual, data Excel text impot and export WMS can maintain independent operation mode, also can be combined with the underying equipment, related sofware systems, and the use of RFID technology, one dimension and two dimensional barcode.


Shape control technology, fast and accurate positioning, and efficient data acquiston and informatin processing.


HUAYIDE WMS is a star network structure, including network serer, RF server, management computer, monitoring computer, outgoing and storage base station RF and RF hand-held terminal.


The system software configures including: 

Operating system: WINDOWS 2000X SERVER

Data Base: MS SQL SERVER 2000X

Warehouse Management System

Equipment Control System

Radio Frequency System


The mananement svstem architecture diaram as bellowing: