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Manage your Meat Warehousing Challenges with Automation


Meat processors are supplying a widening array of new fresh meats, deli meats, and frozen and canned meats to retailers. This market growth is putting tighter demands on operations.


To accommodate this increasing number of SKUs, producers have turned to more streamlined automated storage and distribution solutions to better ensure timely and accurate product handling. Some of our latest systems for meat producers and distributors include:


Pallet Solutions for Streamlined Product Handling


Semi-automated Pallet Shuttle Racking System —HUADE shuttle system is ideally designed for deep-lane and very-deep lane pallet storage and works within all warehouse climates including, of course, freezers. The shuttle system requires less labor to store and retrieve a high number of pallets and it does it faster than traditional load and pick from push-back and drive-in pallet rack system. It provides the same selectivity and FIFO as pallet flow without the pitched flow rails, thus reducing the overall height required and eliminating all risk of pallet retrieval.For the very high-density needs of this global meat warehouse, it’s the right solution.


ASRS for High-Density Pallet Handling – SRM with a satellite, Mother & Child Satellite System are ideal solutions for the efficient storage and throughput of high volume SKUs, such as frozen and canned meats stored on pallets. HUAYIDE’s pallet shuttle ASRS provides a uniquely flexible and modular design with multiload remote pallet handling capability. The system fulfills the need for almost any application and provides single-deep, double-deep, triple-deep and multi-deep storage. 


Pallet Conveyors Ensure Flexibility – Transporting pallets throughout the meat warehouse with optimum flexibility and efficiency requires a modular conveyor system capable of continuous operation in ambient temperature, chilled and deep-freeze environments. Roller conveyor and chain conveyor, from HUAYIDE, for moving pallet loads with speed and precision, provides a unique flexibility for integrating automated systems within the meat warehouse.


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