No more employee work in harsh environment

Cold & Frozen: Deep-freeze ASRS Warehouse meets energy-efficiency

Although the most of frozen food operations still performing warehousing activities in manual, but if you’ve ever worked in freezer or even just walked in for a while, you will be agree that the inherent difficulties for working within a temperature controlled environment. Human body wasn’t designed to work in sub-zero temperatures. There are also other reasons pushing food producers, distributors and TPL providers turning to fully automated warehouse solutions:

  1. Small building footprint with the demand for maximum storage
  2. Damage to the on-going product and equipment
  3. The continuing rise of energy costs
  4. Inventory accuracy and visibility

According the report from Report, Warehousenews, Foodlogistics, etc. The global cold chain is expected to grow at 40 of the frozen food market by 2025.

HUARUIDE (Brand Name: FAST) has implemented a number of cold chain logistics solutions globaaly in recent yeats. We are currently in the process of implementing major chilled and frozen DCs in Chile, Israel and Indonesia, where is commisoning its largest high-density deep frozen meat ASRS system in the region. The project will house 26,000 pallets stored to a height of 35meters.

In addion to pallet ASRS (Unit-load AS/RS), Hauruide has also developed a high-performance, energy-efficiency and cost-effective automated case ASRS (Mini-load AS/RS), picking, sortation, and despatch solution for chilled and frozen distribution centers.