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3PL & eCommerce: E-fulfillment Requires Speed, Accuracy & Flexibility

With ecommerce becoming an increasingly major channel for retail supply chain. Fast and accurate delivery of orders is critical to the eCommerce and third party logistics providers to ensure customer satisfaction and making profit. An qualified 3PL company is more than simply a partner in the supply and demand chain. It is functioning conduit that provides all-round management services, including high-density storage, accurate picking, visible complete inventory and flexibility to handle peak seasons and future growth.


There are a number of technologies that can be implemented, the right one depends on your operational requirements and longterm goals. Whatever your strategy is, HUARUIDE helps you to support the success, profitability and innovative problem-solving solution.


Products for eCommerce and Third Party Logistics Providers:


High-density racking systems including static racks and gravity flow racking.

Intelligent Storage Retrieval Machines that integrate into a wide range of storage systems.

Manual, semi and fully automated picking systems.

Carrier systems for large scale sortation and buffering.

Automated Guided Vehicles and robots for picking and palletizing.

Handling system for fast and efficient mater flows.

Wide range of integrated Goods-to-person systems.

Enterprise WMS warehouse management system.

Superior quality bins, trays and totes for manual or automated fulfillment.