Huaruide as a logistics equipment manufacturer and system integrator, is pioneer in China for self-engineering and developing storage and retrieval system products. Flexible to design, manufacture, install height up to 40meters, operate in 1.5m wide aisle width with high load capacity.

With the continuous improvement and refinement, today we have wide range of cranes:


Single Deep
Standard configuration of ASRS. One stacker crane with access to racks rows. (One on each side)
Loading: 0.5-1.5T
Height: 7- 24m
Speed: 160m/min

Heavy Duty/Extra High
Loading: 2-6T
Height: 24- 35m
Speed: 120m/min
Multi-aisle Change
Transfer in 2-3 aisles, process 4-6 rows
Double Deep
Extended fork with access to four rack rows (two on each side). Great for high-density storage of low-med throughput.
Dual Carriage
Equipped with 2 independent forks, one stacker crane with access to two pallet positions each time
Light duty SR machine
Loading: 20-50kg
Height: 3-6m
Speed: 200m/min


Shuttle Cart
Shuttle cart powered by sliding trolley transport the pallets to the most convenient position for stacker crane loading and unloading.

Sorting Transfer Vehicle (STV) / Ferry Car
Rail-guided vehicle system connects ground conveyors to AS/RS in/out conveyors.

End-of-aisle Conveyors
Conveyors automatically transport pallets to and from load/unload stations.End-of-aisle conveyors can also transport pallets to/from STVs.

Rack-side Gravity Conveyors
Gravity buffer conveyors installed on ASRS racking side to allow case picking and forklift access.

Remote Monitoring
The camera on stacker crane allows a maintenance worker to check load status in remote, ensure recovery operations faster and safer.

Maintenance cabin
Maintenance cabin on the stacker crane for maintenance and recovery work especially in high-rise warehouse.

Unit Load Stacker Crane