1. It has Vector controlled drive system and accurate positioning, meet for high-frequently input and output requirements;
  2. It has perfect safety refinements and fault diagnosis function;
  3. It transmits information and monitors the entire process;
  4. It can operate with touch screen conveniently, easy for maintenance;


Performance Full loaded speed 35-45m/min
Empty loaded speed 55-60m/min
Effective working time 8h
Battery Travelling motor power 400w
Lifting motor power 370w
Voltage 24v
Battery capacity 50-60AH
Weight 13KG
Charging time for 80% electricity at ambient temperature 5h
Charging time for fully charged at ambient temperature 8h
Battery life At least 1000times recharge cycles
Battery QTY 1
Remote Control Display LCD 16×2
Protection IP65
Power supply mode Battery
Hibernation Automatically entering into Hibernation mode after 3 mins
Battery service time under normal using condition Continuous service time:10hours
Standby time: 1300hours
Parameters Working temperature ST: from +5℃ to +45℃
BZ: from -30℃ to +45℃