The hoist drive the chain to make the platform reciprocating motion, control the electric motor through variable frequency speed regulating system. There is drive mechanism to let the pallet go into platform automatically. According to input and output direction, there are Z type, C type and E type. The chain speed could be 60m/min with maximum 4000kg load. Due to it can transfer materials up and down hence achieve the materials flowing in the same to two direction in a cycle, greatly improve the throughput while saving vertical transporting space.


1. Lifting Mode: friction belt type, chain type and toothed belt
2. Pallet Dimension: Available for customization
3. Lifting pallet weight: 100-4000kg (heady duty)
4. Lifting Speed: 1-60m/min
5. Occupied less space
6. Intermittent operating
7. Can be multi-layers docking
8. Belt type with less noise, pollution-free and environment friendly.

Reciprocating Hoist