Rail guided vehicle is electrically powered with floor rail, it can transport pallet from chain conveyors to convenient locations for loading and unloading. According to different function, it can be divided into assembly type RGC and transport type RGV.  According to different movement mode, it can be divided into Circular Orbit and Linear Reciprocating type (also called ferry cart).

The circular orbit RGV has high efficiency, allow several vehicles working in the same time. Normally adopt aluminum alloy rail. It can be peripherals for AS/RS, but also can be an independent system by itself.  As peripherals for AS/RS, it can dock with other logistics system conveniently and automatically to deliver the goods on plan, such as input, output station, buffer station, conveyors, hoist or robot. In addition, it doesn’t need operator, move fast, decrease the storage cost and improve efficiency greatly.
The linear reciprocating RGV (Ferry Cart) includes one vehicle only doing linear reciprocating movements. Lower efficiency than circular orbit RGV.