Push rack also called pushback rack, its lanes equipped with consists of beam racks, rail and wheel pallet cart. Huaruide design the cart frameworks on the rail. When the goods are picked up, the Last in pallet is First out frictionless movement. When the frontal cargo pallet is discharged, the goods will automatically move down to the aisle by gravity, so that advanced backward storage can be realized and there is always a pallet at the front of the rack for picking.

Comparing with driving rack, and double deep beam rack, it has more advantages on retriev goods. The maximum deep can be 5 pallets deep. It also has less requireemnts for the forklift than drive in drive thru racks, only need to work at front of aisle.

Advantages of Pushback rack:

It controls inventory by pallet, ensuring Last-In-First-Out
Pushback racking stores multiple SKUs on various levels of lanes for easy product access.
It maximizes warehouse capacity and space utilization, the operator only need to work at the frontal aisle.
Available in 2 to 5 pallet deep styles — depending on product volume and warehouse configuration.
It can be arranged as standalone bay, or integrate as a back-to-back system.

Push Back Rack