Performance Parameters:

Chain Conveyor Length Optimal plan when loading <1500kg
optimum length: 1800mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, 4000mm, 4500mm
The chain conveyor length for hoist is 1480mm
When apply for mobile chain conveyor, optimum length is 1800mm
Chain conveyor width: W=1120. C/C width 1050mm
Chain conveyor height: standard height 600mm, other dimension can be customized.
Standard speed: 11m/min or 14m/min

Structure features: 

1. Adopt straight double-stand chain for supporting and delivering goods.

2. Through the adjustable bolts device on each chain to realize chain’s tension.

3. On the vertical beam there’s high strength industrial nylon/steel guide stripes for guiding and supporting, easily to disassemble or replacement.

4. Double-stand straight roller chain makes sure the pallet transportation stable.

Optional Accessories:

Brackets for the photoelectric sensors (fixed, rotary), terminal boxes, end stoppers, dedicated cap for brackets, independent lead-in, guide plate for chain conveyors

Chain Conveyor