Free Standing Racking

The most oftenly used type of racking in Automated Storage and Retrieval System are: Assembly Beam Type and Bracket Type.

The goods carrier in racking system normally are pallets (steel, wooden or plastic) and cartons/totes. To meet goods storage and retrieval in very high-density, narrow aisle space, the racking system must be manufactured and installed in deadly accurate standard.

Our upright and beam production line all is imported Germany , which able to continuously punching, roll-forming in high precision. For all the project we undertake consulting and designing, we actively carry out Finite Element Analysis and Structure in Extreme Environment Simulation ensure the racking system’s static load stability but also dynamic loading. With almost 30 years history for home and abroad racking project, all of our installation workers are internationalized and experienced.

In all, no matter from theoretical support, manufacturing, installation or quality control, we are the best choice if you decide to purchase from China.

Racking Supported Building (Clad-rack Warehouses)

Optimal choice for storing large quantity, regular unit size goods

Generally, the more height, the more cost-effective and less construction period.
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Rack Supported Warehouse (clad-rack warehouse) including racking system and building roofing structure. Differs from free standing racking, there is no need to build an individual warehouse, upright of racking system support the roofing building load directly, the roofing and side pillars can be installed in the same time with racking installation.
Warehouse can be simple open or closed, it can be set up a number of doors and windows, ventilation systems, fire systems and etc. Combination with all the specific needs, this said, the racking supported building just like the standard steel structure warehouse but with lower cost and less construction period.
The maximum height of clad-rack warehouse is limited by local standards and by the reach height of stacker cranes. We successfully built clad-rack building with 40m for automotive industry.


AS/RS Racking