Sorting system--the key to the a distribution center

Low throughput application environment - 6000 pieces / hour

Sweeper sorter


The sweeper sorter consists of a number of modular units installed above the conveyor, which push items into the left and right outlets of the conveyor belt through the swing of the sweeper. It has the advantage of being able to sort a large number of small products, being able to configure a large number of chutes in a compact environment, and its efficiency has been tested in the Postal parcel, E-commerce and Pharmaceutical industries. However, the size also limits the scavenger, and due to the height of the sorting module, large cartons and bins are not suitable for the sorting system.

Medium and high throughput environment: 9000-24000 pieces / hour

Sliding shoe sorter


High throughput environment - 27000 pieces / hour

Tilt tray sorter


The tilt tray sorter uses a series of pallets installed on the continuous operation ring conveyor line to send products to the designated chute and to the target exit through the tilt of the pallets. A continuous, flat loading surface enables it to reliably handle almost all products and packaging types, from envelopes, plastic bags to large cartons. The tilt tray sorter is one of the ideal solutions for e-commerce order fulfillment with large throughput and wide product types. It can be configured with a large number of sorting outlets to achieve the highest sorting density in all automatic sorting systems, and at the same time, it is easy to expand and operate with low noise, providing an ideal working environment for warehouse employees.


Other factors

The throughput of the sorting center is not the only factor to be considered. When selecting a suitable sorting scheme, the following should also be weighed:

Space limitation - many operators are looking for solutions that can be e-commerce centric in existing facilities, even in back of house warehouses in retail stores. Some sorting technologies are designed to maximize sorting efficiency in a compact space.

Difficulty of maintenance and operation - daily operation and maintenance may vary greatly due to different sorting technology and equipment suppliers. Consider how your employees will operate the equipment and how to maintain the system.

Future expansion - if business expansion is possible in the future, it should be considered at the beginning of the project. In terms of speed and location transfer, technology selection and initial system design will limit the possibility of future expansion of the facility.