We are the blood from old-branding racking storage equipment manufacturer: Nanjing Huade Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd.  With more than 20 years experience in material handling industry, the CEO gathered the most experienced mechanical, automation, software, electrical engineers in industry, set up the automation integration company: Nanjing Huaruide Logistics Equipment Co.,Ltd. (Brand name: FAST ) individually. Over the past 4 years, we’ve served solutions for the fields of Food & Beverage, Cold & frozen chain, Third Party Logistics, Chemical & Industrial, Paper-making, Apparel and other industries with more than 200 cases. More and more turn-key solutions landed in oversea countries like: Chile, Israel, Mexico, Indonesia, India, etc.

Most equipment/technologies we using in our solutions are fully developed, engineered, produced and executed by us, we developed flexible solutions tailored to various need from clients with rapid response to intimate and thoughtful after-sales service. Strongly driven towards technical innovation, Huaruide pay special focus on equipment manufacturing, including AS/RSs, Shuttles, Conveying, Picking and Sorting system.


We are constantly looking for Regional Partners / System Integrators located in worldwide markets. For partners and integrators, we offer discount to increase competitive, provide warranty to guarantee quality, promote training to enhance value, work closely and face together the challenges of the future and to reach cutting edge solutions, going beyond and making innovation real.


What we do ?


Pallet Type Automated Storage and Retrieval System (Unitload AS/RS)

Box/Container/Crate/Case Type Automated Storage and Retrieval System (Miniload AS/RS)

Shuttle Storage & Sequencing system

Rack-supported building type AS/RS

Floor conveying & sortation system

In Huaruide, you’ll get turnkey solutions for engineering & consulting , design & manufacturing, implementation & training, commissioning & after-sale service. With the best throughput capacity to really in-house all your warehousing requirements, grow your business in a cost effective way.



How we work?

Step 1 Define

Huaruide Solutions' engineers work with project stakeholders to determine project objectives

Step 2 Measure

Information is collected to help our engineers better undersand your business.

Step 3 Analyze

Analyze data from your operating sysems and create models that predict future states

Step 4 Desgin

Analyze data from your operating sysems and create models that predict future states.

Step 5 Validate

System costs are estimated and a complete analysis is done to determine feasibility of each alternative.

Step 6 Client Presentation

Client is given final presentation of costs and best solution.